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7 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

by VitalStorm Content on July 19, 2019

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Pets immeasurably enhance our lives. They provide joy, companionship, and comfort. But unfortunately, pets can also exacerbate the strain on our HVAC units. If you have a pet, your HVAC unit needs some extra attention to stay in tip-top shape. Here are seven HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners from our team of pros at Blue Flame.

1. Regularly groom your pets.

Regular grooming and bathing will keep your furry friends and your family more comfortable. Pet hair, dander, and fur rapidly clogs filters, ducts, and vents, reducing the efficiency of your AC unit. With regular bathing and grooming, you can reduce the amount of dander and fur circulating in your air and keep your pet comfortable.

2. Conceal exposed wiring.

If you have a dog or a cat you know – pets love to chew just about anything but chew toys. And unfortunately, HVAC wires are often pets’ favorites. Conceal and secure any exposed wires so curious cats and dogs don’t injure themselves on electric, metal, or plastic parts.

3. Clean your filters regularly.

Even with regular grooming and bathing, pet hair and dander will reduce the lifespan of your AC filter. While homeowners without pets can wait up to three months between air filter changes, pet owners should check their air filters about once per month.

Pet owners should also consider changing the variety of their air filter to accommodate the larger volume of hair, dander, and particulates being trapped.

4. Clear air ducts.

Even the best air filter won’t catch everything. Overtime, pet dander will pass through your air filter and collect in your air ducts. These clogged ducts often become hotspots for mold and bacterial growth, which can seriously injure your family’s health. Pet owners should regularly inspect their air ducts and have them professionally cleaned.

5. Get an air purifier.

Air purifiers are an excellent way to assist your filters in increasing indoor air quality. HEPA air purifiers remove up to 99.7% of pet dander in your home. Air purifiers will extend the life of your filters and reduce your need to clean your air ducts.

6. Protect your outdoor unit.

As HVAC technicians, we see it all too often: a dog takes a liking to urinating on a backyard AC unit, gradually corroding it and leading to an expensive repair. You can avoid damage to your unit by building a fence around your HVAC unit. Leave a clearance of about three feet around the unit and be sure that your fence allows plenty of airflow.

7. Set up regular professional maintenance.

The best way to optimize the work of your HVAC unit, whether you are a pet owner or not, is with regular professional maintenance. Scheduling a heating tune-up for the fall and a cooling tune-up for the spring will give you confidence that your HVAC unit is functioning as efficiently as possible.

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

If you own a pet and want to save money on cooling this summer, call us today! Our team at Blue Flame can recommend maintenance advice and products to enhance your indoor air quality.

At Blue Flame, we are committed to an exceptional and eco-friendly experience every time you use our heating, air conditioning, and electrical services. Call us at (206) 388-5667 and speak to a member of our team.