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Our well-trained, certified technicians are known for their commitment to installing environmentally friendly HVAC equipment, all designed to keep homeowners comfortable and safe throughout the year.

The details about superior service and complete customer satisfaction that our HVAC installation company offers are all spelled out in our Exceptional Service Guarantee. If you are not satisfied within the first 365 days with the work we perform, we will take the steps needed to make things right. We don’t consider the job done until you have signed off on it.



In Seattle, like much of the greater Pacific Northwest, summertime is fairly dry and mild, while the winters tend to be quite wet and cold. You can anticipate experiencing rainfall from October to May, with storms growing less severe close to June and September.

The weather can play havoc with HVAC systems (and on homes that do not have heating and cooling equipment). Chief problems caused by high humidity in Seattle’s rainy climate include:

* Dampness can cause mold and rust to grow, eventually leading to damage to the HVAC equipment.

* Damaged equipment tends to function less efficiently.

* Filters can clog up faster than usual when the HVAC system suffers from excessive dampness.

* Air will not flow freely through the system after the filter clogs.

* With reduced airflow, the system must work harder to deliver the same results, leading to higher utility bills.

* The harder the system is forced to work under strain like this, the sooner it may break down prematurely, necessitating a service call for a repair or a possible new system .

Another problem with high humidity and severe rainstorms in Seattle is that they can lead to duct leaks. This allows heated or cooled air to escape, which again forces your HVAC system to work much harder than it should just so your family can stay comfortable.

Seattle tends to have at least some snow every winter, with some seasons bringing heavy snowfall. Not all HVAC systems are prepared for snow days. The snow can cause harm to the condenser unit and air handler (outside units). Falling snow can even block your home’s ventilation system.

Opting for HVAC installation service to obtain a new and more energy-efficient air conditioning and heating system will give you equipment that runs more efficiently. It will also be better positioned to withstand the damaging effects of Seattle’s cold and wet climate.



As one of Seattle’s leading HVAC replacement companies, with exceptional service and guarantees, we want you to know that HVAC installation is a complex and technical process that requires knowledge, experience and proper tools.

If you try to install a heating and cooling system on your own, without the requisite experience and training, you could wind up making mistakes. A bad installation can cause the HVAC equipment to run inefficiently, leading to premature malfunctions, and there is a possibility of a carbon monoxide leak. What’s more, the manufacturer will likely void the warranty if anyone but a licensed professional takes care of installation.

A Blue Flame technician, who has been thoroughly trained in heating and cooling system installation, will have the know-how and ability to correctly size the new equipment for your home for maximum efficiency. Also, we will be happy to advise you on system maintenance and the steps you can take to reduce energy costs.



If you require the best HVAC installation Seattle has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. As leading air conditioner installation and furnace installation experts in the greater Seattle area, we are your one-stop shop for reliable, professional service.

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