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Looking for Kirkland air conditioning and heating service? Calling Blue Flame is an excellent choice. We have been providing comprehensive heating and air conditioning service in the Kirkland area since 1994. We aim to ensure that you have the best service in any season.

Our technicians have the ability to install, replace, maintain and repair your HVAC system when you need it. You can count on our vetted technicians, as well as our service guarantees, to provide wonderful care for your home. For great service on your HVAC system, contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment.


Although your HVAC system works pretty well without a lot of input from you, it’s still important to have our technicians take care of it. Heating and cooling equipment can be expensive to repair and even more costly to replace. It’s great to know that you have our experts available to keep it in excellent working order. Here are a few benefits you get from hiring us for service.


When working on your system, we believe that your safety is paramount. Your HVAC system uses electricity, fuel and other services to provide effective heating and cooling. Working with them isn’t appropriate unless you have the training and experience. Safe inspection and repairs require an expert. We can provide qualified technicians and a residential electrician to meet your needs.


When you buy HVAC equipment, it’s common to aim for the highest efficiency. You may not know that the efficiency of the unit depends on use and maintenance, not just the manufacturer. At Blue Flame, we can help ensure that you get the maximum efficiency from the unit each day. Our care can help you control your energy consumption and your utility bills.


It’s easy to forget about the ventilation aspect of your HVAC system, but it plays a big role in your home’s air quality. Our heating and cooling service pays close attention to various aspects of your indoor air quality, such as filtering, moisture control and more. Hiring our technicians to maintain your system can help you manage chronic respiratory conditions or keep them from getting worse.


Trying to increase your energy efficiency isn’t just about your bills, but the environment in general. If you want to decrease your carbon footprint, lowering your energy consumption is a wise choice. Of course, when the temperature soars or plummets, you still need good heating and cooling. We can help you balance your household’s comfort with your home’s long-term sustainability goals.


Ultimately, your HVAC system is an investment in your home and future comfort. Every step you take can affect your return on investment. If you hire our HVAC company to handle installation, replacement, repairs and maintenance, you can create positive effects for your investment. Our service can help you increase output, minimize the likelihood of repairs and extend the lifespan of your equipment.


At Blue Flame, we understand how important it is to keep your HVAC system in excellent condition. Kirkland’s warm summers and cool winters make effective heating and cooling a priority. Our HVAC service provides you with the reliability you need in any season.


As a property owner, you look for experts who stand behind their work. Our guarantees give you the assurance that we will provide a professional solution for your heating and cooling needs, from the first call. Visit our service area to learn more.

We serve the entire city of Kirkland, including neighborhoods such as Central Houghton, Everest, Finn Hill, Goat Hill, Highlands, Inglewood, Juanita, Kingsgate, Lakeview, Moss Bay, North Rose Hill, Sancerre and Totem Lake.

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