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Furnace Repair Service

When you wake up in the middle of the night to realize that your home is freezing, it’s natural to check the furnace. If it isn’t working, you need to take quick action to solve the problem. Low temperatures in the home can make you feel uncomfortable, but they can also cause other problems, such as frozen pipes.

Among companies that fix furnaces, Blue Flame has a big advantage. We have been providing furnace repair in Seattle, WA since 1994. With our excellent service guarantees and vetted technicians, it’s an easy choice. Contact us to schedule service today!

Signs You May Need Furnace Repair

If you’re like many homeowners, you may not pay too much attention to your furnace until it stops providing heat. Keep these common problems in mind, so that you will know when to call Blue Flame for assistance.

Sudden Increase in Energy Consumption

Your utility bills give you an indicator of the energy you consume each month. You can expect it to rise and fall based on the season. However, if your energy use suddenly starts skyrocketing and there’s no change in temperature to account for it, you might need furnace repair service.

Low Output

Your furnace should provide effective heating throughout the season, even when it’s bitter cold outside. If you notice that the furnace isn’t keeping up with your temperature settings, it’s time to call our furnace repair technician for help.

Strange Noises

Furnaces make a few sounds during normal operation, mostly related to the motor running the blower. When parts are wearing down, however, you may notice other noises such as banging, screeching or rattling. Worn parts usually show up during furnace tune-ups. If you haven’t scheduled one in a while, it would a good idea to call.

Short Cycling

With proper function, the furnace should reach the designated temperature and turn off. If it keeps stopping too early, you might have a problem. Short cycling can lead to a broken system, so calling our heating repair company is an important task.

No Heat

Getting home from work to an ice-cold house is a sign that you need prompt assistance from our furnace repair technician. In most cases, a non-functioning furnace needs our professionals to diagnose the problem and identify the most effective solution.

Cold Air Coming From the Vents

Sometimes, your furnace may turn on, but you’re not getting any heat from it. Cold air flowing out of the vents could be a sign that the heating component isn’t working. Schedule repair service as soon as possible to protect your family and other systems in the home.

Keep Your Furnace Working Well in the Seattle Climate

With a relatively cool climate here in Seattle, it’s important to keep your furnace in good condition for several months each year. At Blue Flame, we believe that you deserve to have a home that is always comfortable and functional.

We serve the entire Seattle metro, including nearby communities such as Alderwood Manor, Edmonds, Kenmore, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace and Shoreline.