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With the unpredictability in gas prices, it’s not surprising that electric vehicles are becoming so popular. Being able to charge your vehicle and drive without worrying about finding a gas station is an excellent advantage. Of course, it is even better when you have a charging station installed in your home or business so that you or your customers can charge at your convenience. At Blue Flame, we have been serving the Seattle area since 1994, helping our customers get the most from developing technology. We are

Benefits of Installing a Charging Station For Electric Vehicles

Even if you already appreciate the benefits of owning an electric vehicle, you might be surprised by the convenience of EV charging station installation. Here are just a few ways that this service can change your home or business for the better.

• Increase your convenience. If you own an electric vehicle, having a reliable place to charge it is essential. Sure, you can probably find another place nearby, but that increases the amount of time you must spend away from your home or business. Installing your own charging station allows you greater control of your time.

• Improve your property value. With the increase in demand for electric vehicles, more people are looking for charging stations ready to go on properties they buy. Electric car charging station installation helps you meet the expectations of a growing niche, which can improve your property value.

• Attract more customers. When you own a business, the way that you attract customers isn’t always based on the products or services that you offer. Clients who know that they can charge an electric vehicle, while they browse your store or wait for service, are more likely to seek you out in the first place.

• Keep your guests happy longer. No one wants guests to leave earlier than expected, whether you own a home or business. People leave when their needs aren’t met, which can be awkward for a host. By installing a charging station on your property, you allow your guests to relax and enjoy spending more time with you.

• Save money in the future. If you have been waiting on buying an electric car because you’re worried about where to charge it, you’ll have a great incentive to make the decision. Then you can enjoy all the benefits earlier than you expected.

When you hire the technicians at Blue Flame, you get the benefit of an expert team committed to your satisfaction. You can count on us to ensure that each of our technicians is vetted to perform excellent vehicle charging station installation. To learn more about our services or schedule installation, contact us today.

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