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3 Books About Energy Conservation

by VitalStorm Content on April 12, 2019

Did you know that April 7 – 13 is National Library Week? Even if you’ve never heard of this fun bookish holiday, it’s not too late to join the reading party. At Blue Flame, we love to celebrate reading and eco-friendly energy practices. To celebrate National Library Week and Earth Day coming up on April […]

Fun Spring Events in Seattle, WA

by VitalStorm Content on April 5, 2019

Spring showers and flowers are coming to the Seattle area this month as the weather finally warms up. At Blue Flame, we love to celebrate each season with our customers! We’ve compiled a list of fun spring events in Seattle, WA for you to enjoy with your friends or family. Check them out and let […]

AC Spring Maintenance Checklist

by VitalStorm Content on March 29, 2019

Before spring blooms turn into scorching summer sun, it helps to give your AC some TLC before its heavy use season. If you take care of routine maintenance on your AC unit during the mild weather, you can prevent expensive repairs when the sun comes out and your AC comes on full blast. At Blue […]

PROs and CONs of Washable Air Filters

by VitalStorm Content on March 22, 2019

If you’ve always used disposable air filters, you are probably used to simply throwing them away after 30 or 90 days to keep your ducts and your home free from airborne pollutants. But there is an environmentally friendly alternative: washable air filters. These filters are removed, washed, and reused once per month to cut back […]

Spring Storm Protection for Your HVAC

by VitalStorm Content on March 15, 2019

Spring time means blooming flowers and warm sunshine are on the way, but it also means the start of storm season. Severe weather can wreak havoc on many parts of your home, including your HVAC unit. While HVAC outdoor units are durable and designed to withstand storms, it’s still a good idea to adequately prepare […]