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Landscaping Tips for Your HVAC

by VitalStorm Content on April 19, 2018

landscaping HVAC air conditioner

Picture this: your landscaping is immaculate. Your yard is teeming with luscious greenery and blooming flower beds. Your hedges are trimmed to perfection, and your grass is covered in a layer of fresh dew from your sprinkler system. It should be the most beautiful yard on the block, but there is one major eyesore: your HVAC unit.

This bulky metal cube is essential for keeping your house comfortable, but it sure looks out of place compared to your beautiful ferns and tulips. And if vegetation grows too close to your HVAC, it can be dangerous and harmful to your unit. Here’s a list of landscaping solutions from Blue Flame to help your HVAC blend more seamlessly and safely into the yard of your dreams.

Enclosed Fence or Wall

Creating a small fence or screen – or building a miniature wall out of brick or stone is a great way to cover up the exposed sides of your HVAC. This can not only help it look less out of place in your yard, it can actually improve its efficiency too. If your HVAC unit is shaded from the sun by a fence, it will run at a lower temperature and save some energy. This solution can also sometimes help to block out the noise your unit makes while it operates. Be sure to install a gate that allows technicians to access your HVAC during routine maintenance and allows plenty of space should you ever need to replace the unit.

Plants or Shrubs

Creating a bed of plants or shrubs that strategically encircles your HVAC unit can sometimes be a more cost-effective and equally beautiful way to help it blend into its territory. Make sure you give your unit a wide berth so that the plants do not keep it from operating properly, and a technician can maneuver behind them for maintenance, repairs, or new installation. Also remember to choose plants that can handle the excessive heat radiating off your HVAC while it is in use. A bed of dainty petunias will probably wilt away, but a nice hardy shrub can still thrive. Also, choose something evergreen that won’t shed leaves all over your unit in the winter.

Shelving Unit

If your HVAC unit is against the wall of your house, you could build a shelving unit that covers it on the sides and holds gardening equipment for your yard on the shelves above. This solution is a little less permanent than installing a fence or a wall, and it has a functional component.

Garden Trellis

This solution can work just like a fence or a screen, but can be easier to obtain and install. It can make a nice background for plants and flowers nearby, and it draws the eyes up and away from the HVAC unit on the ground. It can also be helpful in protecting your HVAC from stray leaves, twigs, and dirt. Trellises come in a wide variety of materials and a wide price range, giving you plenty of options that will fit the aesthetic of your yard.

We hope these landscaping tips will help you maintain your back yard oasis, even in the spot where your HVAC is stationed.

At Blue Flame, we are committed to an exceptional and eco-friendly experience every time you use our heating, air conditioning, and electrical services. Call us at (206) 388-5667 and speak to a member of our team.