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Energy-Saving Alternatives in Seattle

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional heating and air conditioning services in Seattle, a heat pump may be just the solution for you! Heat pumps continuously filter the air outdoors to transfer it indoors, making them efficient and environmentally friendly.

There are three types of heat pumps that we install:

  • Air-source heat pumps – Recommended for homes in warm climates and provide up to
  • three times more energy
  • Ground-source heat pumps – The most efficient because they pump heat back and forth from the ground
  • Absorption heat pumps – Use hot water, natural gas, or propane to maintain the desired temperature in a home

Heat Pump Benefits

Heat pumps have a number of benefits over traditional air conditioners and furnaces. If you’re looking for a new means of regulating your indoor temperature, you should strongly consider a heat pump.

  • Versatile: Heat pumps are popular because they provide climate control all year round. Your heat pump can transfer heat indoors during the winter, and outdoors during the summer.
  • Affordable: Heat pumps tend to cost more than traditional HVAC units. However, the energy efficiency of heat pumps makes up for the extra cost.
  • Eco-Friendly: Heat pumps are clean and efficient. If you’re looking for a new way to boost your home’s energy efficiency, you’ll find that a heat pump is an excellent option.

Heat Pump Installation and Repair

Whether you’re interested in an air-source, ground-source, or absorption heat pump, it’s important that you have a professional install your system. Like any other heating and cooling system, your heat pump will also require regular maintenance and repairs during its lifespan.

  • Installation: To achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness, your heat pump must be meticulously installed. Heat pump installation requires special tools and technical expertise; only an HVAC company that specializes in heat pumps should be trusted with the task.
  • Repair: Though heat pumps are excellent for providing indoor comfort, they don’t last forever. It’s important to schedule annual heat pump maintenance and call Blue Flame at the first sign of malfunction. You can reach us any time at (206) 388-5667.

Superior Heating & Cooling

At Blue Flame Heating & Air Conditioning, we are committed to providing our customers with eco-friendly options that are good for their homes while also being good for the environment. A heat pump can control your indoor temperature by moving heat from a cool area into a warm area. To learn about the different kinds of heat pumps and what they do, contact Blue Flame today!

To better answer your questions about heap pumps and whether or not this solution fits your particular needs, we offer expert, in-home consultations at no cost to you. Bring us your questions and we can help you come up with an eco and cost-friendly solution.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re willing to go above and beyond for your satisfaction, comfort and peace of mind. We’ll come out right away for repairs if you experience issues with a new piece of equipment within two years of its installation. If your system breaks down altogether in those first two years, we’ll come out within 24 hours to fix it and give your $500 for your trouble. You read that right! These and a number of other guarantees are at your fingertips when you sign up for service with Blue Flame.

Contact Seattle’s Green Team at (206) 388-5667 to discuss your options today!