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5 Ideas for Zero Waste Living

by VitalStorm Content on May 3, 2019

zero waste living

One of the best things we can do to help clean and protect the environment is reduce our waste. The less paper and plastic we consume and discard, the less trash will pile up in the ocean.

Some take this mentality to the next level and commit their households to “zero waste living.” While it’s impossible to transition to a waste-free lifestyle overnight, you can begin implementing zero waste principles in your purchases and cleaning routine today!

At Blue Flame, we always encourage our customers to live eco-friendly lifestyles. Here are five ideas for zero waste living techniques from our team of HVAC professionals.

1. Identify Your “Why”

If you are thinking about working towards zero waste living, it helps to establish your deeper reason for doing so before you start the process. This will become your mantra on days when it feels difficult and overwhelming. Sometimes it helps to write it down in a journal or to hang it somewhere visible where you will see it every day.

2. Think About Your Waste

Make a list of some of the top items in your trash. Are there lots of single-use products like paper plates, wipes, to-go cups, or water bottles? Those will be a great starting place when you begin eliminating waste from your life.

3. Use Up Old Items

Transitioning into a zero waste mindset doesn’t mean you have to throw out all of your unused products immediately. Ultimately that will create the same amount of waste, and it will cost you money. Use up items you have already purchased and slowly replace them with more sustainable alternatives over time.

4. Recycle What You Can

The first step to eliminating trash without trashing the earth is to dispose of it properly. Recycle paper, plastic, and metal. Donate old clothes and nick-knacks to charity. Dispose of old electronics responsibly. Upcycle and repurpose antiques or old furniture. Anything that can be reused doesn’t end up in a landfill or the ocean.

5. Research Zero Waste Products

Swap out disposable products for reusable alternatives. Remember step three, and don’t feel pressure to do this all at once. Here are a few examples of zero waste living products to help your transition:

Use these for cooking instead of aluminum foil.

Instead of drinking out of paper cups with plastic lids and throwing them away when you’ve drained your coffee, keep your caffeine fix in a reusable thermos.

Instead of tossing wasteful dryer sheets in with your laundry, try these reusable dryer balls instead.

K-Cups are some of the worst offenders when it comes to creating waste. To continue using the convenience of your Keurig, try pouring coffee grounds into these reusable K-Cups.

One of the easiest paper products to replace are napkins. Toss these easily washable napkins in your hamper and you can reduce your paper consumption tenfold.

Although they cost more upfront than disposable air filters, washable air filters eliminate waste from your HVAC filtration process and last much longer.

Are you interested in embracing zero waste living?

We hope these zero waste living ideas help you begin your eco-friendly journey. If you are looking for eco-friendly solutions for your HVAC or electrical systems, give us a call at Blue Flame!

At Blue Flame, we are committed to an exceptional and eco-friendly experience every time you use our heating, air conditioning, and electrical services. Call us at (206) 388-5667 and speak to a member of our team.