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Where to Use Ductless Heat Pumps

by admin on May 22, 2015

Where-to-Use-Ductless-Heat-Pumps-1000-ffccccccWhite-3333-0.20.3-1While HVAC appliances like air conditioners have been commonplace for some time, ductless heat pumps are now on the rise due to their economic and environmental benefits. However, ductless heat pump installations in Seattle are more appropriate for certain applications than others. Keep reading to find out where to use ductless heat pumps.

There are certain situations in which ductless heat pump installations are optimally effective. They tend to work best in climates that do not get excessively cold or warm, and they tend to do their best work when they are installed in newly constructed homes. When you can allocate a specific space to a ductless heat pump in the construction of the home, it is better able to work effectively.

Similarly, those who are renovating or expanding their homes should look into ductless heat pumps as an alternative to painstakingly extending the ductwork in the house. If you are looking for ways to improve your home’s efficiency, consider the savings that can occur when you make the switch to a ductless heat pump system.