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7 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

by VitalStorm Content on November 29, 2019

Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Summer is gone and fall is quickly coming to a close. In the unforgiving Washington winters, you’ll go to any length to stay warm, but you wish it was possible to do this without increasing your energy bill at the same rate as your home’s temperature. We’ve got the inside scoop for you. Here are 7 ways to save money on your heating bill:

1.    Get a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are designed to heat (or cool, depending on the desired effect) your home as efficiently as possible. A thermostat that lets your HVAC system take a rest occasionally means that you’ll save a little (if not a lot) on your heating bill.

2.    Rotate Your Ceiling Fans

Why are we talking about ceiling fans when you’re trying to heat your home efficiently? If you rotate your ceiling fans counter clockwise, the blades actually push the hot air down to the room, giving your HVAC system a little boost.

3.    Use Your Fireplace as More Than Decoration

We know: Fireplaces are hard to clean. They’re hard to maintain. The flue is even hard to open if you’re trying to use it for the first time this season. But using your fireplace is a great way to warm a high-traffic room in your home without scheduling your furnace to work an over-time shift.

4.    Invest in Fuzzy Throw Blankets and Sweaters

There’s no reason to make your furnace work harder than it needs to. That means being more cognizant about your wardrobe and the way you layout your home. Be prepared for the indoor chill by investing in snuggly sweaters (that make you feel cute at the same time you feel comfortable, if that’s your thing) and strategically placing cozy throw blankets around your home.

5.    Regularly Replace Your Air Filter

We’ve already stressed the importance of giving your furnace a break in this post. That’s because the harder your HVAC system works, the higher your energy bill is going to be. Correlation does equal causation in this case. One of the biggest things that makes your furnace work inefficiently is making it blast its hot air through a clogged air filter. Replace it at least once every three months—but ideally once every month—for optimum HVAC efficiency.

6.    Unblock Your Air Vents

Just as a clogged air filter can increase your heating bill, so can blocked air vents. You may think, “Man, I’m cold. I better turn up the heat,” when really you should be considering the efficiency of your air vents:

  1. Are your air vents open? (Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised.)
  2. Air the blades of your air vents facing the room or away from it?
  3. Is there a piece of furniture blocking your vent?

Make sure they’re open and working as they should before making a request at your thermostat.

7.    Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Up to Task

If you’ve taken all the rest into consideration and your energy bill is still sky-high, you should have your HVAC system inspected by a licensed HVAC professional. The experts at Blue Flame are up for the task. Call today to learn about our current specials.