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Types of Pollutants an Air Filter Can Remove

by admin on May 22, 2015

Types-of-Pollutants-an-Air-Filter-Can-Remove-1000-ffccccccWhite-3333-0.20.3-1HVAC systems such as air conditioning units in Seattle may be designed to provide more than just a comfortable atmosphere in your home. While heating and cooling are both important for your general comfort, air filtration is crucial when it comes to removing pollutants from the air. Keep reading to learn about a few types of pollutants that an air filter can remove from the air inside your home.

Duct and vent cleaning can help to reduce the spread of pollutants throughout your home, but cleaning air ducts will not remove the pollutants that already exist in your air. One type of air filter, called a gas phase air filter, is designed to cleanse your air of odors and gases.  This type of air filter absorbs gaseous pollutants, but each filter can only remove the particular gas that it was designed to absorb.

Air filters that remove particles from the air are both popular and Types-of-Pollutants-an-Air-Filter-Can-Removeeffective. The process of removing particles from the air can be done in two ways, and there is a type of air filter that specializes in each. While mechanical air filters remove pollutant particles from the air by simply trapping them, electronic air filters make use of electrical charges to do away with pollutants. These filters give particles an electrical charge and then collect them using oppositely charged collector plates. These air filtration systems are not designed for larger particles due to the tendency of these particles to settle quickly.

Viruses and Bacteria
Some other specialized air cleaning systems use radiation to destroy pollutants like allergens, viruses, bacteria, and molds. These types of cleaners destroy or convert gaseous pollutants, but they should be used in conjunction with another type of air filter in order to maintain a safe, healthy, and pollutant-free environment.