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7 Resolutions for an Energy-Efficient Home

by VitalStorm Content on December 22, 2017

As 2017 winds to a close, many of us will spend time reflecting on the past year before setting some resolutions to clean the slate for 2018. We already know that most of these resolutions will be abandoned—a fact that does not deter our enthusiasm for improvement and new beginnings. To help increase your chances […]

Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

by VitalStorm Content on October 26, 2017

UPGRADE TO A PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT Programmable thermostats are on the rise as homes and businesses across the country discover the many cost-saving benefits that they offer. A programmable thermostat is a smart-device that allows you to customize your home’s temperature settings in a number of ways, including customizing the temperature even down to the hour. […]

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Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Cooler Weather

by admin on May 22, 2015

No matter what kind of HVAC system you have—whether it’s a heat pump or a forced air system—it’s important to schedule HVAC service before cooler weather arrives. At Blue Flame, we specialize in AC and heater service as well as AC and heater repair in Seattle. Read below to find out why you should prepare […]

Guidelines for Using a Programmable Thermostat

by admin on May 22, 2015

Through proper use of a professionally-installed programmable thermostat, you can save about $180 every year in energy costs. To optimize your energy savings, keep the temperature set at its energy savings set-points for at least eight hours every day. The best times of the day to use these set-points is while you are at work […]

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Greening Your Home…Without Changing Its Color [Infographic]

by admin on May 21, 2015

If you’re like many homeowners in Seattle, you have probably wondered what you can do to make your home more energy efficient. Greening your home can be done in a variety of different ways, and can include small steps such as washing your clothes in cold water or bigger moves like having a ductless heat […]