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Should I Turn My AC Off for Vacation?

by VitalStorm Content on August 3, 2018

should I turn my ac off for vacation

Your bags are packed, you’ve got your plane tickets in hand, and you’re dreaming about relaxing on the sandy beach. You are all ready to leave for your hard-earned vacation. But suddenly, you freeze up as you stare at the thermostat. What settings should you use while you are out of the house? “Should I turn my AC on or off for vacation?” you wonder.

If you have ever found yourself in this situation, you are not alone. Many people don’t know what the right call is for their HVAC system while they are gone for an extended period of time. Our Blue Flame team is here to help you answer the question that is haunting you and ruining your pre-vacation fun: Should I turn my AC off for vacation?

Heat and Humidity in Your Home

The short answer is “no.” You should not turn off your AC when you plan to leave the house for more than a day or so at a time. This might seem counterintuitive at first, since you turn off other sources of power such as lights and fans. Here are some of the reasons why you should not turn off your AC while you are on vacation.

  • The excessive heat can be detrimental to your furniture, flooring, food, and even electronics.
  • Your HVAC unit manages the humidity levels in your home. Without its help, it will become increasingly humid while you are away. This excessive moisture can encourage mold growth.
  • The temperature of your home will be extremely uncomfortable when you return. Your HVAC will have to work extra hard to return your home to a normal equilibrium. Pushing your unit into overdrive can take a huge toll on its efficiency and longevity.

Energy Saving Settings

In order to save energy (and money) rather than wasting it while you aren’t at home to enjoy the cool air, you can simply adjust your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature than normal. Keeping the temp at 85 degrees should run your unit enough to prevent excessive moisture build up and will make it easier to adjust your settings back to normal when you return.

If you have a programmable thermostat, you can usually select a setting called “energy efficient,” “vacation,” or “away.” If you have a smart thermostat, you won’t even need to worry about remembering to turn your AC settings up right before you leave for your trip. Just connect to your thermostat from anywhere with Wi-Fi using your smartphone, and adjust your temperature however you want. Check out this blog for more information on smart thermostat benefits.

We hope we have answered your HVAC vacation question, and provided some alternative solutions for your home. If you need any HVAC maintenance, repairs, or installations, or if you want to upgrade to a smart thermostat, Blue Flame is here to help!

At Blue Flame, we are committed to an exceptional and eco-friendly experience every time you use our heating, air conditioning, and electrical services. Call us at (206) 388-5667 and speak to a member of our team.