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Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Your Heating and Cooling System Deserves Appreciation!

Annual maintenance and tune-ups of your heating and cooling systems are pivotal to the upkeep and efficiency of your equipment. Over 70% of all HVAC repairs can be prevented with proper maintenance.

Are you feeling dissatisfied with the airflow of your furnace or air conditioner? Are your energy bills piling higher without any explanation? Have multiple HVAC repairs become a costly, wasteful endeavor? If any of these apply to you, Blue Flame has your solution!

The fix for all your HVAC ails is regularly scheduled tune-ups. As part of our Maintenance Club, you never have to think twice. Tune-ups are scheduled upfront, and you can expect that we’ll always show up on time. We strive to not only offer you the best in-home installations and repairs, but also work with your existing equipment, and keep it at its best. Avoid costly energy bills, or worse, by taking preemptive care of your home’s heating and cooling equipment.

Furnaces and air conditioners offer so much comfort to our families. They always seem to be there when we need to adjust our surrounding and find just the right balance for our homes. It’s important not to take their utility and efficiency for granted, and show your systems the necessary TLC.

Benefits of a Tune-Up Include:

  • Lifetime Guarantee of Your System
  • Reduced Repairs and System Failures
  • Improved Comfort and Air Flow
  • Optimal Energy Efficiency
  • Affordable Utility Bills

At Blue Flame, we offer every service necessary to save you money, increase your energy efficiency, and help reduce your carbon footprint. It truly is possible to enjoy the comfort of your heating and cooling system year round, and still be an Earth-conscious and green consumer.

Never worry again by joining the Blue Flame Maintenance Club, or by simply giving us a call for a free, upfront estimate on all your heating and cooling services. Our highly trained technicians are familiar with every kind of HVAC system and will continue to work until yours is at its optimal level. It’s never too late to begin maintenance.

Let’s get started! Call us at (206) 388-5667 to speak to a member of our Green Team.

Don’t Delay, Go Green Today!