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Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical Repair Service

When doing installation, maintenance or repair work on your home, it is extremely important to hire professionals with a proven track record of expertise and quality service.

All of the technicians at Blue Flame Heating & Air Conditioning are dedicated to providing each and every client with the highest level of service and satisfaction. We will walk you through all of the steps, from the initial phone call to the successful completion of a project.

You can count on Blue Flame for green, affordable, long-lasting solutions to all of your heating, cooling, and ventilation problems. So what are you waiting for? See how Seattle’s best can help save you money and reduce your ecological footprint.

Our list of eco-friendly services includes:

  • Heating – Blue Flame is here to ensure your home and family stay warm throughout the winter months. Keep your energy bills down and your thermostat up with expert installation, repair, and maintenance. We work with all types of HVAC systems and have a proven track record of professionalism and affordability.
  • Air Conditioning – It’s difficult to beat the heat without a properly functioning air conditioning system. Your system may already be showing signs that it needs some TLC. Blue Flame technicians can handle any HVAC problem that may come your way. We promise to keep your system working at its highest efficiency, so your home and family can too.
  • Heat Pumps – Blue Flame specializes in the installation of heat pumps. A heat pump is considered a cost-efficient alternative to a central heating and cooling system. Looking to reduce your overall energy output? Heat pumps may be just what your home needs to achieve reliable comfort whenever you need it.
  • Ductless Heat Pumps – Easy to install, ductless heat pumps can be retrofitted as add-ons to homes that currently have “non-ducted” heating systems. Let us show you the benefits of our high quality ductless heat pump systems!
  • Water Heaters – It is a necessity to always have reliable hot water in your home. From new water tank or tankless heater installation, to routine system maintenance, we’ve got you covered. We are available for emergency services as well as regularly scheduled tune-ups.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Unsure of the air quality in your home? Be sure with Blue Flame’s IAQ whole-home assessment. Keep your home healthy by ensuring that you and your family are breathing clean and purified air. From humidifiers to duct cleaning, we are the experts in indoor air quality services.
  • Our Products – Each of our top-quality products are carefully selected for your individualized needs. Our products come with a performance guarantee and an eco-friendly rating. Our technicians will work with you every step of the way, and help determine what products will work best for your home. Blue Flame is the trusted expert in green HVAC services. Give us a call 24/7.

Request Your Free In-Home Evaluation

Call Blue Flame Heating & Air Conditioning at (206) 388-5667 to schedule a completely free in-home evaluation with a member of our highly trained and professional team. We look forward to serving you!

Our HVAC Services Include:

  • Heating Repair/Replacement/Tune-Up
  • Air Conditioning Repair/Replacement/Tune-Up
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Heat Pumps
  • Water Heaters
  • Indoor Air Quality

Don’t Delay, Go Green Today!