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Why Join Our Maintenance Club?

Maintenance is an important part of keeping one of your home’s most expensive investments from turning into an unnecessary cost or worse yet a crisis.

It is easy to think about cutting out regular maintenance during these times. However, we know similar to a car, taking good care of your home’s total comfort system makes both common sense and economic sense.

Save Money, Save Time, Save Your Investment

Maintenance Club Benefits

  • You receive a 5-year service repair guarantee on any part we replace. No one except Blue Flame offers this kind of service or guarantee.
  • You receive NO OVERTIME service charges on repairs as long as you’re a part of our Maintenance Club.
  • You receive front of the line service if needed – emergencies and special cases go straight to the front of our service queue.
  • You receive energy and money savings. The Club saves you money by keeping your equipment clean and properly maintained year round.
  • Your likelihood of a heating and cooling system crisis or failure goes down significantly. Blue Flame check-ups extend the life and efficiency of your investments.
  • You receive our LOWEST rate—always! This is an exclusive 15% savings for Maintenance Club members only (includes: parts, labor & trip charges).

Not all service companies are equal. That has never been truer than it is today, as great service has become a rare commodity.

We offer the Maintenance Club because it’s good for both of us. You win with great value and exceptional service. We win by maintaining our relationship with a great customer and the hope that when it comes time for service, you will choose us. We value you and your referrals.

Become part of the Maintenance Club today!

Call us to sign up: (206) 973-0737