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Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

by admin on May 22, 2015

Indoor air quality is important to your health as well as your comfort. You can have your air conditioning service in Seattle perform an indoor air quality test to find any hidden pollutants.

Between pollens, gases, mold, and dust, your indoor air quality may easily be compromised. Exposure to these elements may result in discomfort and even physical sickness. You can combat these pollutants by keeping your windows open and purchasing living plants to help clean the air.

Watch this video for a few more tips on improving your indoor air quality.


You can also choose to heat your home with ductless heat pumps so that pollutants are not spread around your home via ductwork. It is always important to try to stay away from paints and adhesives that contain volatile organic compounds because they can damage your lungs as well as produce a foul odor.

Scheduling regular air conditioning repair services can also be important for improving your home’s indoor air quality.