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5 Fall Plants for Landscaping Around Your HVAC Unit

by VitalStorm Content on September 14, 2018

fall plants for landscaping

Are you searching for ways to disguise your unsightly HVAC unit this fall season? Landscaping safely and beautifully can allow you to improve your curb appeal without damaging your HVAC system.

Here are some tips for safety and aesthetics in landscaping: fall plants for landscaping around your HVAC unit from Blue Flame.

1. Garden Mum Flowers

Known for their bright colors and late blooming, garden mums are classic fall flowers. Since their blooms are tightly packed and spread over a wide area of coverage, they are perfect for flowerbeds around your HVAC unit. It is best to leave two or three feet of clearance around the sides of your unit, but you can mask its location with taller plants and create focal points out of smaller, bright flowers below. Garden mums are perfect for averting the eye away from your big metal cube. They bloom in a wide variety of fall hues, including deep reds, yellows, oranges, and purples as well as pastels such as lavender and bronze.

2. Potted Pansies

With rich colors and vibrant markings, pansies make another great floral fall alternative. They are hardy enough to withstand light frost, so fall is an ideal time to plant them around your yard. If you are searching for a creative way to block your HVAC unit from view without disrupting air flow, try arranging potted pansies in taller plant holders in front of your unit.

3. Oakleaf Hydrangea Shrubs

With large green leaves capped by white blooms in spring and beautiful burgundy colors in the fall, the oakleaf hydrangea is another excellent choice for enhancing curb appeal. These shrubs spread wide and tall over time and can ultimately reach a spread of four to six feet. These plants would be a perfect bush to tuck on the side of your house and block the street view of your HVAC unit. Make sure they have shade to thrive, and plant them several feet away from your unit initially since they will grow over time. Check on your unit regularly to make sure loose leaves or blooms do not collect on the top or the sides.

4. Morning Light Miscanthus

With long arching stems and leaves, miscanthus or “maiden grass” is another excellent source of shrubbery for your HVAC landscaping. This grassy shrub can eventually spread out 10 feet wide, and it thrives in direct sunlight. This makes it a good alternative to oakleaf hydrangea if your unit is located in a sunnier spot around your house. In the autumn, the feathery ends will sometimes adopt a reddish hue.

5. Red Maple Trees

When it comes to planting trees near your HVAC unit, balance is key. You should plant the tree far enough away that its roots and leaves will not affect your unit, but still close enough that it might provide some shade. The coolness of shade allows heat expelled from your condenser to dissipate more quickly and actually makes your HVAC more efficient. Since your unit releases a constant stream of hot air, it is essential to select a tree species that is drought-tolerant. Red Maple trees can handle these extremely warm and dry conditions, as they grow in a wide variety of climates. During the fall months, their leaves turn a beautiful shade of crimson that will accentuate any home exterior.

Have you added fall plants for landscaping around your HVAC unit?

We love to hear from our customers. Feel free to share photos of your beautiful HVAC landscaping solutions in the comments below or on our Facebook page! If you need to schedule fall HVAC maintenance in Washington State, call us today.

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