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7 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

by VitalStorm Content on July 19, 2019

Pets immeasurably enhance our lives. They provide joy, companionship, and comfort. But unfortunately, pets can also exacerbate the strain on our HVAC units. If you have a pet, your HVAC unit needs some extra attention to stay in tip-top shape. Here are seven HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners from our team of pros at […]

Central Air vs. Window Air Conditioning

by VitalStorm Content on May 24, 2019

When you are making decisions about buying a new house or upgrading temperature control in your own home, it can be difficult to decide between central air vs. window air conditioning. While central AC forces air through ducts to effectively cool your entire house at once, window units cool specific rooms or areas. Central air […]

How to Lower Your Home’s Humidity

by VitalStorm Content on April 26, 2019

While there are many wonderful things to love about the warmth of spring and summer time, stifling humidity is not one of them. Are you looking for ways to lower your home’s humidity? Here are some tips from the pros at Blue Flame to get you started! How to Lower Your Home’s Humidity with Your […]

AC Spring Maintenance Checklist

by VitalStorm Content on March 29, 2019

Before spring blooms turn into scorching summer sun, it helps to give your AC some TLC before its heavy use season. If you take care of routine maintenance on your AC unit during the mild weather, you can prevent expensive repairs when the sun comes out and your AC comes on full blast. At Blue […]

PROs and CONs of Washable Air Filters

by VitalStorm Content on March 22, 2019

If you’ve always used disposable air filters, you are probably used to simply throwing them away after 30 or 90 days to keep your ducts and your home free from airborne pollutants. But there is an environmentally friendly alternative: washable air filters. These filters are removed, washed, and reused once per month to cut back […]