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Adjusting Your Thermostat for the Season

by admin on May 19, 2015

IfLogo-1000-ffccccccWhite-3333-0.20.3-1 you are looking for an effective way to reduce your impact on climate change and boost the efficiency of your HVAC system, you may want to consider making some small changes around your household.

A great way to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system is to adjust your thermostat based on the season. During the winter months, you can lower your heating system for energy savings. In the summer, you can raise the temperature of your air conditioner to cut back on your energy consumption.

A company offering heating and air conditioner repair near Seattle can help you take the steps needed to improve the efficiency of your home. For a look at how to adjust your thermostat for the season, be sure to check out this video from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.