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5 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Guests Warm and Cozy

by VitalStorm Content on November 22, 2019

Ways to Keep Your Holiday Guests Warm and Cozy

Thanksgiving is next week, so the holidays are practically here. Unlike the other times of the year, this holiday cluster usually means you’ll be opening your home to your friends, distant family members, and other loved ones. Be a good host with these 5 ways to keep your holiday guests warm and cozy this winter.

Gift Personalized Blankets and Sweaters

If you’re thinking about Christmas or Hanukkah gifts this season, consider something that will make the recipient’s heart—and arms and legs and body—feel warm and fuzzy. Getting your guests something cozy when they come over (like sweater, a throw blanket, a snuggie, or a fuzzy bathrobe) can make their time in your home more comfortable. You can personalize them by having each recipient’s name monogrammed into the fabric, or you can just find an item that has a meaningful image or design on it.

Replace Your AC Filter

You’d be surprised at how important your AC filter is to the overall function of your HVAC system. But if you really stop and think about it, it makes a lot of sense: If you want the warm air that’s generated by your furnace to reach all areas of your house, you have to make sure nothing is blocking that warm air, right?

Your air filter is collecting debris every day, which means that a little day, you have less air flow in your home. Replacing your air filter on a regular basis (at least once every three months, but preferably once every month) can help keep you house guests warm this holiday season.

Retire That Fireplace Video

Fireplaces are hard to maintain, so you’ll be tempted to turn on that “movie” on Netflix that circulates this time of year. You know the one: a four-hour video of a fireplace, complete with flickering flame tails and crackling embers. Real, wood-burning fireplaces, however, make for scenic holiday gathering, bringing warmth atmospherically and environmentally. Use your fireplace for its intended purpose, so you can use your television for its intended purpose: watching the clay-mation production of Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

Update Your Insulation

If something is out of sight, it’s out of mind, right? That’s what the saying tells us. And when it comes to the insulation padding your walls, it’s absolutely true. After you had your house inspected, before you moved into it, you probably didn’t give your insulation a second thought.

However, your home’s insulation is the very thing that’s keeping your warm air from escaping into the outside world. Updating your insulation means that your guests will feel the full impact of your furnace this chilly season.

Maintain Your Water Heater for Overnight Guests

The holidays can sometimes bring friends and family members from afar, which means your spare bedrooms actually get used. It means that your guest bathroom will get used too. So used to your everday routine with your live-in family, you might not consider how your water heater will hold up with so many new guests staying over. Give your guests the gift of a hot shower by having a professional perform maintenance services on your water heater.

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