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5 Spooky Things Inside Your Air Ducts

by VitalStorm Content on October 25, 2019

things inside your air ducts

How often do you take a shower? How often do you clean your sheets? Your AC filter? You can probably remember the last time you did each of these things, but can you say the same for your air ducts? You know the consequences of dirty bodies, sheets, and filters, but there are some unsettling, invisible consequences of dirty air ducts as well. Here are 5 spooky things inside your air ducts:

1.     Dust

Yes, just like the furniture inside your home, the surfaces of your air ducts collect dust. Even going a week or two produces such a thick layer of dust that it would coat your fingertips if you tried to wipe it away with your hand. But you don’t have access to the inside of your air ducts, so just imagine how thick the dust has settled!

2.     Dirt & Debris

And it’s not just dust, but also dirt and other forms of debris. Each time you come in from the outside, you bring a little of the outdoors in with you: caked mud on your shoes, bits of dry leaves, pollen, and more. You wipe those things off your floors and other flat surfaces, but bits of them float into the air and sneak into your air ducts. Even now, you’re breathing them in!

3.     Bacteria

Among the dirt, debris, and dust comes bacteria. It hitches a ride from surface to surface and burrows into the nooks of your home. Really, your air ducts are the best place for bacteria to hide. Just as you’re breathing in the grime of the outdoors and the dead skin cells that become dust, you’re also breathing in all kinds of bacteria. This spooky thing in your air ducts could be getting you sick right now!

4.     Mold

Sometimes your HVAC unit can sweat. Whether it’s trying to cool down your home or warm it up, it’s putting in a lot of work, and sometimes condensation will collect on the outside. Well, when the water droplets evaporate, they can wind up in your air ducts too. Combine moisture with dust, debris, and bacteria, and voila! You’ve got yourself the perfect potion for mold. Have you been feeling itchy lately? Sneezing a lot? Mold in your air ducts could be the culprit.

5.     Pests

Something is alive in your air ducts. It could just be bacteria, sure, but have you heard any scurrying, any rustling sounds in the walls and ceiling? It could just be your house settling… or it could mean that you have pests. Your air ducts, if you think about it, are the perfect environment for pests. They’re dark, they’re narrow and cozy – and there’s plenty of dust and mold to snack on. Your dirty air ducts could be a beacon to the uninvited.

If you’re ready to remove the terrors from your air ducts and breathe a little easier this season, call the HVAC experts at Blue Flame. Our professional technicians are trained in the art of duct cleaning. We can get the job done efficiently, properly, and affordably. Call now for details.