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4 Home Organizing Ideas for 2019

by VitalStorm Content on January 31, 2019

home organizing ideas for 2019

A new year brings with it the opportunity for a fresh start. Sometimes decluttering your home can transform your peace of mind and allow you to thrive in your new space.

We’ve been watching Netflix’s addictive new Tidying Up show, and it inspired us to start organizing our own spaces. Could your home use some tidying too?

At Blue Flame, we love to help our customers become as comfortable as possible in their homes. Here are 4 home organizing ideas for 2019 to help you kickstart your decluttering.

1. Detangle Cords & Electronics

Do you have a pile of tangled charging cords hidden away in a drawer somewhere? When you actually need to use one of them, finding and untangling it can be a huge pain. Try these ideas for organizing your cords and electronics.

  • Wrap cords up and clip them in place with a binder clip or clothes pin. This will minimize the space they take up and prevent them from tangling.
  • Slip small cords inside toilet paper roll tubes. You can stand the tubes upright inside of a basket and easily find the cord you need.
  • Label larger cords using a small piece of electrical tape and a sharpie.
  • Consider investing in a charging dock for your electronics so that they always have a home.

2. Transform Your Junk Drawers

Everybody owns miscellaneous items that just need a place to go. If you need to tuck them away in a junk drawer, that doesn’t mean they have to mix together in a big pile of crazy. Use drawer organizer trays, or small boxes or bowls you already have around the house.

If you have too many dishes cluttering up your kitchen cabinets, this can be a great way to repurpose some of them. Bowls, plates, or muffin tins are all great organization tools!

3. Fold Fabrics Better

Whether you are storing clothes, linens, or towels, stick to the trusty KonMari folding method to maximize available space. Instead of folding items so that they stack on top of each other vertically, fold them into a compact rectangle and leaving them standing upright. This will make it easier to reach for something when you need it.

If you haven’t ever watched Marie Kondo demonstrate this folding technique, don’t despair. This video shows you exactly how to fold your clothes the KonMari way.

4. Enhance Cabinet & Closet Space

Even if your home is clean on the surface, clutter often hides inside closets and cabinets. Make it easier to put your items back where they belong by adding specific containers. Invest in baskets or plastic storage bins for cabinets and shelves. Try adding a towel rack to your linen closet, slide pots and pans into their own organizer, stack up stray papers into magazine holders. If your items have a designated place to go, it will be easier to keep your home clean and find things when you need them.

Do you have some creative home organizing ideas for 2019?

We hope these tips and tricks help you add some organization to your life. If you have any organizing ideas that work well in your home, share them with us on Facebook!

If you need to add HVAC or electrical maintenance to your home improvement checklist this season, give us a call at Blue Flame.

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