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3 Creative Halloween Decorating Ideas

by VitalStorm Content on October 11, 2019

Halloween is just around the corner, and we love to celebrate the spooky season with our customers! As you decorate for the festivities this year, remember to keep HVAC safety in mind. Here are three creative Halloween decorating ideas from our team, plus some HVAC-friendly safety tips.

Mad Scientist Lab

To create a mad scientist lab, you’ll need lots of colorful potions. Set up a table on your front porch and fill beakers, jars, and bottles with water. Put a few drops of food coloring in each one so that they will look poison green or electric blue.

If you’re really committed to the theme, dump some dry ice into a glass so that the potion will bubble and smoke. If dry ice is too hard to find, get a fog machine to add to the ambiance.

Create Frankenstein’s monster using a costume head piece, some hands, and pillows draped in black cloth for the body. Prop up your monster in a chair.

Finish off by placing your candy bowl in Frankenstein’s lap. That way when trick-or-treaters arrive, they’ll have to brave the monster to get their treats! (Keep some extra candy on hand for little kids who are too scared.)

If you use any props for your lab, make sure nothing is obstructing your outdoor HVAC unit or any indoor vents.

Spooky Spider Lair

Weave a web of Halloween mischief with this spooky spider theme! You’ll need lots of synthetic spider webs for your trees, your porch, and the path up to your front door. You’ll also need to buy some large spiders, or make your own.

Drape your spider webs between the trees or bushes in your yard. If your trees are close enough together, use a step ladder and create a web tunnel between them. Attach more webs to your porch rail or front windows. Create a huge web just above the front door with a large spider looking down at your guests.

In the webs closest to walking pathways, add dozens of miniature spiders. You can also give these out with your candy treats.

After Halloween is over, remember to change your air filter. The synthetic web fibers will clog up your filter and restrict airflow to your HVAC system.

Ghostly Candlelight

If you’re looking for a Halloween decorating theme that is both eerie and magical, try utilizing some floating candles. Using tea lights, empty toilet paper rolls, hot glue, and spray paint, you can transform your front porch or entry hall into Hogwarts. (Check out the DIY tutorial here!)

If you decide to include some real candles in your decorating scheme, be mindful about where you place them. Candles should never be placed near your furnace or any of your air vents.

Happy Halloween from our Blue Flame team!

We hope you enjoy these creative Halloween decorating ideas. After you finish decorating, share your photos with us on Facebook!

At Blue Flame, we are committed to an exceptional and eco-friendly experience every time you use our heating, air conditioning, and electrical services. Call us at (206) 388-5667 and speak to a member of our team.