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2019 Christmas Lighting Ideas

by VitalStorm Content on December 5, 2019

So, Christmas is on the horizon and you’re ready to deck the halls with more than just boughs of holly. But where to start? Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle! Keep reading for some trending 2019 Christmas lighting ideas from the experts at Blue Flame!

‘Tis the Season to Use Solar

Before we dive into the holiday season with our favorite Christmas lighting trends, we are here to get real about the most important trend of all: solar powered lights! With so many new advancements in eco-friendly (and wallet-friendly) lighting, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about some 2019 options. From outdoor string and pathway lights to indoor Christmas LED’s, there is no reason to not go solar this year. Not only are solar LED lights easy to install, but they reduce energy waste, making them the most cost-effective option.

But How Does It Work?

To put it simply, the lights contain a solar panel that converts sunlight into an electrical current. A battery wired to this panel stores the solar electrical energy. Most solar powered lights include built-in darkness sensors. This means you no longer have to remember to turn them on and off! Ultimately, solar Christmas lights free you from the hassle of installing wiring, and paying for the electricity to power them! Powering these lights is simple: just let the solar panel charge for at least 6-8 hours in sunlight, and then enjoy your winter wonderland at night!

Our Favorite 2019 Christmas Lighting Ideas

Now that we have told you all about the magic of solar powered lighting, let’s get to the fun stuff and create a bit of our own Christmas magic! Here are some of our favorite lighting ideas this year:

1. Merry and Modern

For a more modern touch, look for geometric shaped lights. If quirky and whimsical is your aesthetic, you can opt for some multi-colored Chuzzle Ball solar lights! On the other hand, a more classic spin on a modern geometric choice could be some star shaped string lights. For a bit of modern romance, you can even look for cascading star curtain lights that can be hung outdoors or indoors for a festive, warm glow. Another modern nod to classic Christmas can be LED snowfall projector lights. Aside from the obvious perk of install-free lighting, this option can really breathe life into a winter wonderland theme.

2. Festive and Frosty

Although we can always count on a white Christmas here in the great state of Washington, you may have set your sights on creating your own winter wonderland at home. If this is your design aesthetic, we have some fresh ideas for you to consider. First of all, we recommend looking for some solar string globe lights to lend a soft and warm glow. For a truly dreamy scene, you can hang these globe lights from your porch, roof edge and trees, alternating with some hanging snowflake string lights. With the option to purchase battery operated snowflake lights, you won’t have to break the bank to make the season sparkle! Secondly, you can add an icier touch by hanging some classic icicle solar lights or cascading lights. With a graceful teardrop shape, these lights look especially elegant adorning a gazebo or patio roof.

3. Charming and Cheery

Are you aiming to make your home a holiday hotspot this season? Then you’ll want a cheery and bright atmosphere with the perfect party lighting! Start by investing in LED twinkle light curtains. Its versatility makes curtain lighting a fabulous addition to any occasion. With the many freeze-proof options, LED twinkle light curtains are a durable and hassle-free option for any Washington homeowner during winter time. One elegant way to illuminate your home with curtain lighting is to use it as a wintery wall or entryway decoration to your home. We also love the idea of using curtain lighting as a part of a DIY photobooth for holiday parties! As a cherry on top to your cheery and charming look, you can hang some multi-colored fairy lights. Not only are they bright and festive, but they come in a variety of solar LED options that will help you save on energy bills!

4. Intimate and industrial

If your pace is more laid-back, you may want to explore some old-school industrial style lighting options. Fitting for year-round lighting, you can hang socket and Edison-bulb shaped string lights for a more understated and intimate vibe. In addition to the ability to extend this look beyond the holiday season, this lighting is available in many commercial grade options that will last you the entire year! Because these string lights are typically designed for versatility, you can arrange them in many different ways, with a quick and easy install. Therefore, we encourage you to get creative with your industrial style lights! As a fun way to decorate for Christmas, you can create a chandelier appearance by layering these lights along your porch, roof, patio, or even indoors!

5. Rustic and Refined

Are you looking for a rustic touch of southern charm for your Christmas lighting? If so, we love the look and versatility of flexible copper wire lights! Not only do these lights add some warmth to the cold season with their soft glow, but they’re incredibly easy to incorporate in any space. In fact, you can expand and connect the strands to cover larger areas. For outdoor lighting, you can wrap tree limbs, columns, porch rails, and fence posts with these copper string lights. Additionally, you can create a rustic wreath by molding the wire lights into your desired shape. One of our favorite looks for interior lighting in 2019 is wrapped copper wire lights around mantles and frames of beds, hanging pictures, and mirrors. Another trending look for a shabby chic motif is the use of mason jar lighting. To create this look, just fill mason jars with solar LED string lights, replacing the lid with an artificial one for easy access to the light switch. Hang your twinkling mason jars along your outdoor walkways, porch or outdoor entertainment space, or place them on tables as festive centerpieces!

6. Soft and Subtle

Looking for more of a subtle nod to the holiday season? Consider using solar rope lights to decorate your home for Christmas. As a tasteful lighting choice year-round, these lights are also a clever way to add some stylish safety lighting around outdoor entertainment areas and walkways. For Christmas, we recommend wrapping pillars, porch railings and tree trunks with rope lights to instantly accent decorations. Another way you can utilize these lights in your holiday décor is by trimming the edges of your roof or lawn with the rope lights using the appropriate mounting clips. A second option for soft and subtle Christmas lighting is the use of tiny solar string lights. With a variety of different hues and the ability to switch the sequence modes between steady or flashing, this option is an inexpensive and eco-friendly choice for outdoor and indoor lighting.

7. Pathway Perfection

Another important aspect of your Christmas lighting design is your pathway lighting. Some popular options are LED candy cane and spiral tree pathway markers. You can plant these charming markers along the walkway to your front door or along your driveway for some instant whimsy and extra illumination. However, our favorite new pathway lights this year are snowflake Christmas tree garden stakes! Featuring bendable wire branches that are adorned with illuminated LED snowflakes, these trees will make your home the talk of the neighborhood this year. To make all of these path lighting options even more magical, there are plenty of available options that are designed to endure harsh weather, making them a fantastic option for Washington winters!

Deck the Halls with Help from Blue Flame

Now that you are ready to bring your winter wonderland to life, our pros are excited to help! Whether you’re looking for a keen eye from a lighting expert or the helping hand of an experienced electrician, the team at Blue Flame is the best in the biz! For any of your holiday electrical needs, give us a call at (206) 388-5667 or schedule a service visit on our site!