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how to manage humidity levels in your home

How to Manage Humidity Levels in Your Home

by VitalStorm Content on August 10, 2018

Humidity is quite a force to be reckoned with. In excessive amounts, it can make the air feel heavy and damp, worsening warmer temperatures and encouraging mold growth. But without enough moisture, your air can become dry and painful to your skin, eyes, and throat. If you have ever wondered how to manage humidity levels […]

HVAC Filtration to Ease Spring Allergies

by VitalStorm Content on April 5, 2018

Spring has sprung in Washington, and with it comes all the tree pollen and ragweed that wreaks havoc on spring allergies. Although you can’t control the weather or the pollen traveling through the air outdoors, you can control the air inside your home. With the right HVAC filtration systems, you can improve your indoor air […]

Should I Get a Dehumidifier for my Home?

by VitalStorm Content on March 29, 2018

Figuring out the perfect balance for humidity levels in your home can be a tricky business. Air that is too dry can leave you with cracked lips and itchy skin, while air that is too moist can leave you scrubbing away mold spores. If you are experiencing problems with excessive moisture in your home, a […]

The Best Plants for a Healthy IAQ

by VitalStorm Content on March 2, 2018

Keeping track of your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is essential for staying healthy and keeping your home free from dangerous pollutants. Without air purification, these pollutants can increase opportunities for asthma, allergies, and even contagious illnesses to flare up in your home. At Blue Flame Comfort, we always encourage our clients to be proactive about […]

Healthy Winter Indoor Air Quality

by VitalStorm Content on January 5, 2018

When the weather outside gets frosty, we rely on our HVAC system to keep our home comfortable. Of course, temperature plays a major role in our comfort, but don’t overlook the value of healthy indoor air. Generally, air quality management strategies fall into one of three categories: mitigating pollutant sources, improving ventilation or purifying air. […]